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HUSTLER Probes Deep Within Tylene Buck

The only reason we ever watched WWE was for the ladies, like Major Gunns (i.e. Tylene Buck) and Stacie Keibler. Without gorgeous ladies like these, professional wrestling seems like nothing more than sweaty dudes in tights, touching each other inappropriately. Sure, that touching often involves being thrown through a table, but it still seems a tad homoerotic to us. We're just sayin'...

Stacie Keibler danced her little heart out and signed a talent holding deal with Disney. While we can't fault her for the decision, we can't put her post-wrestling career in the same category as Tylene Buck's.

It seems like our favorite magazine agrees. Read on...

Everyone has heard of the triple-crown, but few can ever achieve it. Wrestling vixen turned adult film star Tylene Buck has pulled off a triple plus one in the October issue of HUSTLER Magazine.

Tylene is the focus of an in-depth interview with HUSTLER's Tom Farrell. She discusses her career as one of pro-wrestling's hottest babes and talks about her transition to hard core.

In addition to this up-close look at the buxom blonde, HUSTLER has reviewed her first three XXX-rated releases, Seymore Butts' Asshunt, Pussy Party 14: King Klit and Seymore Butts' Ass Good As It Gets. All three movies are available at Hustler Hollywood and received high marks from the staff at HUSTLER.

With unprecedented coverage in porn's top magazine, Tylene Buck is prepared to body slam the competition and grapple her way into the hearts, minds and hard-ons of porn fans everywhere.

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