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The Tylene Buck community

aka Major Gunns aka Brandi Wylde

The Tylene Buck Community
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Real Name: Tylene Buck
Aliases: Major Gunns, Brandi Wylde
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Hazel.
Bust: 34DD
Waist: 24
Hips: 35
Shoe size: 7 1/2.
Dress size: 3.
Birthday: March 7

She started off as a biniki and fitness model in the mid to late 90's, appearing in magazines such as Musclemag and Ironman. She was even in three Ironman Bikini videos.

She first debuted in WCW on January 10, 2000 as an nWo girl. She then became a valet for Jeff Jarret, and then joined Midajah and Shirkira (Kim Kanner) as a valet for Scott Steiner.

She then suddenly left the group to try her hand at being an announce girl. That was very very brief.

She was off WCW televsion for until she resurfaced as Major Gunns. She was in the MIA for a while, until being captured by Team Canada. MIA won her back at Halloween Havoc 2000, only to her have her turn on them a few weeks later on Nitro, and join Team Canada later on down the road.

February 1, 2001 was a black day in WCW. WCW higher ups decided to make cuts. And the women were the cuts that were made. Tylene "Major Gunns" Buck, Sharmell "Paisley" Sullivan, Vanessa "Tygress" Sanchez, Shannon "Daffney" Ward, and Leia Meow were all casulties on that day. Somehow though, the Nitro Girls, who did nothing wrestling wise, were spared. Ugh!

Since being fired from WCW, she has appeared in XPW, and has a show for the SCI-FI called Orital Broadcast One, in the works.

Tylene has since left XPW, and OB1 it seems fell through, but Tylene has other endevors. She has her own members site, TyleneBuck.com. She also does autograph signings at conventions in Los Angeles, such as Glamourcon and VAMPS. She did some work for the DVD Company, Peach.

She has recently signed with Lighthouse Entertainment, and has two movies with PurePlayMedia so far. Pussy Party, and Ass Hunt. For her new porn career, she is going under the name Brandi Wylde.

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